All Access Pass

The All Access Pass gives you a one-year subscription to all 20 of HCTadvisor’s data subscriptions for 33% off of standard list pricing ($20,000 All Access Pass vs. $30,000 standard pricing).  This is the best pricing available for these 20 data subscriptions.

  1. Compensation Data (normally $15,400)
    1. Form 990 Compensation Data (normally $4,000)
    2. Healthcare Executive Compensation Data (normally $2,400)
    3. Provider Utilization & RVU Analysis Data (normally $2,000)
    4. Hospitals: Medical Director & Administrative Physician Compensation (normally $1,500)
    5. Healthcare Management Service Fees Data (normally $2,500)
    6. Clinical Research Cost Data (normally $2,500)
    7. Renal Dialysis Medical Director Data (normally $300)
    8. Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Medical Director & Administrative Compensation (normally $200)
  2. Business Data (normally $10,000)
    1. Hospital Finance Data (normally $1,000)
    2. SNF Finance Data (normally $1,500)
    3. Renal Dialysis Finance Data (normally $2,000)
    4. Home Health Agency Finance Data (normally $2,000)
    5. Hospice Finance Data (normally $2,000)
    6. Physician Cost Data: Federally Qualified Health Centers (normally $1,500)
  3. Capital Planning Data (normally $3,000)
    1. Hospital Capital Expenditure Data (normally $1,000)
    2. SNF / NF Capital Expenditure Data (normally $500)
    3. Hospital Square Foot Space Planning Data (normally $1,000)
    4. SNF / NF Square Foot Space Planning Data (normally $500)
  4. Market Data (Normally $1,600)
    1. Lists of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (normally $200)
    2. List of US Medical Provider Employers & Reassignments (normally $1,400) (NEW 1/15/19)


Download Instructions - All Access Pass
  1. Log-in your account with the username/email and password you created at checkout.
  2. Go to the product page for each product in your bundle.  For example, to download the Form 990 Compensation Data, you must go to the Form 990 Compensation product page.
  3. The “Add to Cart” button is replaced with “Download Now”.  Click the “Download Now” button on the product page of each product in your bundle.  The download will occur automatically.
  4. If your files do not automatically download, your browser or network security settings may be set to “Automatic Download Blocking”. If so, please reply to the receipt email and a customer service representative will assist you.