Healthcare Executive Compensation Data

Healthcare Executive Compensation Data is available for download from HCTadvisor under a 12-month data license subscription.  New and updated data is made available to subscribers monthly.

Healthcare Executive Compensation Data Demo

This compensation data comes from IRS Form 990 data submitted to the federal government by not-for-profit healthcare organizations.  The Healthcare Executive Compensation Data bundle contains all five healthcare organization types and five executive titles identified in the table below.

Certain parts of this bundle can also be purchased as individual data license subscriptions.  However, the Healthcare Executive Compensation Data bundle is discounted 20% off of the normal pricing of the individual data components ($2,640 vs $3,300 list price)

  1. Ambulatory, Clinics, & Group Practices Executive Compensation (normally $880)
  2. Home Health Executive Compensation (normally $550)
  3. Hospitals & Health Systems Executive Compensation (normally $1,100)
  4. Nursing Home Executive Compensation (normally $550)
  5. Substance Abuse Treatment Executive Compensation (normally $220)

Healthcare Executive Compensation Sample


wdt_ID Employer Type Title Sample Size
1 Ambulatory Clinics Group Practices CEO, Administrator, President, etc. 2,080
2 Ambulatory Clinics Group Practices CFO, VP Finance, Controller, etc. 830
3 Ambulatory Clinics Group Practices CMO, Medical Director, etc. 1,393
4 Ambulatory Clinics Group Practices COO, VP Operations, etc. 505
5 Home Health CEO, Administrator, President, etc. 971
6 Home Health CFO, VP Finance, Controller, etc. 349
7 Home Health CMO, Medical Director, etc. 686
8 Home Health COO, VP Operations, etc. 214
9 Hospitals, Health Systems CEO, Administrator, President, etc. 5,665
10 Hospitals, Health Systems CFO, VP Finance, Controller, etc. 3,804