Laboratory-Pathology Medical Director & Administrative Compensation

The Laboratory-Pathology: Medical Director & Administrative Physician Compensation Data Subscription provides raw compensation data for administrative physician compensation arrangements reported by thousands of U.S. hospitals participating in Medicare and Medicaid.

Hospitals are required to identify compensation paid to physicians for administrative services on Medicare cost report worksheet A-8-2. If time logs are not kept by the physicians, then reporting hospitals perform two-week time studies twice each year to identify the amount of time physicians spend on administrative duties, which are signed by the physician and a hospital official. Under federal law, hospitals are required to retain their time record documentation for four years (§415.60(g)).

HCTadvisor is licensing 12-month data subscriptions for hospital cost report worksheet A-8-2 data with quarterly updates. page-break

page-breakDownload Documents Includes:

  • Excel data file(s)
  • Read Me instructions
  • Form A-8-2 copy & instructions
  • Excerpt from Provider Reimbursement Manual Chapter 21
  • Federal Register 415.60
  • Worksheet A


June 30, 2020 sample size update:

Last Day of Period Total Admin Compensation vs. Department Size (n) Hourly Rates (n)
-2020 2 1
2019 1,233 888
2018 1,858 1,342
2017 1,847 1,334
2016- 1,032 743
Total 5,972 4,308