Nursery – Pediatrics Medical Director & Administrative Compensation


The Nursery – Pediatrics Medical Director & Administrative Compensation Data subscription provides raw compensation data for medical director and administrative compensation arrangements reported by hundreds of U.S. hospitals with hospital nursery cost centers.

The raw data is present in one or more comma separated value (.csv) files. The data fields include:

  • Cost report number
  • Provider number
  • Facility name
  • City
  • State
  • Hospital type (short term, children’s, psychiatric, critical access, LTAC)
  • Period begin date
  • Period end date
  • Hospital cost center
  • Physician identifiers (“aggregate” or Dr. A, Dr. B, Dr. C)
  • Provider Component Compensation (Administrative Physician Compensation)
  • Provider Component Hours (Administrative Physician Hours Worked)
  • Total cost center costs (for comparison purposes)


Sample Size: Nursery – Pediatrics (Last 3 Years)

specialtygroup Specialty-Cost Center Sample Size
Nursery - Pediatrics Nursery 284


HCTadvisor is licensing 12-month data subscriptions for Nursery – Pediatrics Medical Director & Administrative Compensation Data with quarterly updates.

Where does the data come from? (click to expand)

Hospitals are required to identify compensation paid to physicians for administrative services on Medicare cost report worksheet A-8-2. If time logs are not kept by the physicians, then reporting hospitals perform two-week time studies twice each year to identify the amount of time physicians spend on administrative duties, which are signed by the physician and a hospital official. Under federal law, hospitals are required to retain their time record documentation for four years (§415.60(g)).  This data set includes compensation paid to independent physicians, as well as administrative cost allocations for employed physicians.


Demo: Nursery – Pediatrics Medical Director & Administrative Compensation