HCTadvisor provides healthcare data, research, and analysis services. Dozens of the largest U.S. healthcare valuation and consulting firms rely on HCTadvisor.


HCTadvisor’s website is made to be self-service.  You can watch a video demo online, check-out, and begin using your products within minutes all by yourself.  Prices are shown upfront.  You never have to go through a pushy salesperson.  Click to Read Data License Terms & Conditions

40%-50% Off Renewals

All data subscription renewals are 50% off for existing customers who renew by their anniversary date during 2020 and 40% off customers who renew during 2021.  Existing customers receive a their 40% to 50% off discount code 30 days before their subscription ends.  Save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars when you renew on time.

Upgrade Policy

If you would like to upgrade to a Data Pass bundle that includes one or more data subscriptions you already have, HCTadvisor will issue you an upgrade credit voucher.  Your new 12-month subscription to the upgraded Data Pass will begin on the date you upgrade.  You must contact HCTadvisor by phone to get your upgrade credit voucher code.  The value of upgrade credit vouchers is determined as follows:

  • If you upgrade during the first 6 months of your original purchase, then your upgrade credit will be equal to the remaining un-amortized portion of the list price of the existing 12-month subscription on the date that you upgrade. For example, if you decide to upgrade from the Compensation Data Pass to the All Access Pass at 90 days, then your upgrade credit will be $4,521:
    • ($6,000 Comp Data Pass list price / 365 days) x (365 days – 90 days) = $4,521 upgrade credit voucher at day 90
  • If you upgrade AFTER the first 6 months of your original subscription purchase, AND on or before the expiration date of your existing subscription, then your upgrade credit value will be equal to the same on-time renewal credit valid for the original subscription.  For example, if you decide to upgrade from the Compensation Data Pass to the All Access Pass at nine (9) months during 2020, then your upgrade credit will $3,000.  This is the same $3,000 credit you would receive to renew your original subscription to the Compensation Data Pass on or before your anniversary date.
25% to 60% Off Data Pass Bundles

Subscribe to one of our Data Passes and save 25% to 60% off your initial bundled purchase, plus another 40% to 50% off in one year when you renew on time.  As long as you renew your Data Pass on time every year, you can stack your bundle discounts and renewal discounts to save into perpetuity.

wdt_ID Data Pass Bundle Contents Compensation Data Pass (25% OFF @ $6,600) Pro Compensation Data Pass (33% OFF @ $7,700) All Access Pass (60% OFF @ $19,000)
1 Provider Utilization & RVU Data Included Included Included
2 Form 990 Compensation Data Included Included Included
3 Hospitals: Medical Director & Administrative Physician Compensation Included Included Included
4 Renal Dialysis Medical Director Compensation Included Included Included
5 SNF Medical Director & Administrative Compensation Included Included Included
6 Healthcare Management Service Fees Data Included Included
7 Hospice Administrative Physician Compensation Included
8 Radiology Professional to Total RVU Ratios Included
9 Clinical Research Cost Data Included
10 Healthcare Executive Compensation Data Included