It’s a Heyday for Healthcare Analysts

It is a great time to be a healthcare data analyst. The U.S. government provides us with terabytes of data on healthcare organizations and individuals.  The data sources in the figure above all represent government databases that can be joined and cross referenced to extract precise business intelligence.   Continue reading

Should FMV Calculators Be Free?

Should FMV calculator software be free? There are over five million free software apps in the Android and Apple app stores. Practice Fusion has granted free EHR software licenses to over 100,000 medical providers.  The free MySQL database software is the second most popular database in the world. Continue reading

FMV of Healthcare Marketing Services

If you are a party to a healthcare marketing arrangement that involves independent sales representatives, call center services, or internet-based lead generation, your attorney may advise getting a Fair Market Value compensation opinion for the arrangement. The federal Anti-Kickback Statute prohibits paying anything of value in exchange for a government-sponsored patient referrals, and your state’s anti-kickback laws may extend this prohibition to commercial patients. Continue reading

Litigation of Physician Non-Compete Restrictions

Interview with David J. Pivnick of McGuireWoods LLP

A non-compete provision is a contractual agreement wherein one party agrees not to compete with another party for a set period of time.  The growth in physician employment over the past decade has given rise to increased litigation risk stemming from employment contracts and practice sale agreements. Continue reading

Cigna Points to Tox Costs and Fraud in Quitting Florida Obamacare

By Jeffrey L. Cohen, The Florida Healthcare Law FirmMap of Florida

Cigna just announced it is withdrawing from Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace.  As reported by Carol Gentry in Health News Florida, Cigna blamed its decision to withdraw on fraud and abuse and on “out of network substance abuse clinics and labs.”  Interestingly, Cigna spokesman, Joseph Mondy, pointed to a recent article in the Palm Beach Post (“Addiction Treatment Bonanza:  How urine tests rake in millions”) in support of Cigna’s announcement. Continue reading

Joint Ventures with Charitable Hospitals

Approximately half of the community hospitals in the United States are not-for-profit organizations. These hospitals have also elected to operate exclusively for charitable purposes, having secured substantial tax benefits by being recognized accordingly as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). In this article, attorneys Carlene Y. Lowry and Craig R. McPike of the law firm Snell & Wilmer in Phoenix discuss special joint venture topics pertaining to not-for-profit charitable organizations. Continue reading