Renal Dialysis Medical Director & Administrator Compensation

The Renal Dialysis Medical Director & Administrator Compensation Data download includes the raw compensation data for medical director compensation arrangements and administrator compensation arrangements reported by over 6,000 renal dialysis centers for fiscal years 2016-2020. The raw data is present in a Microsoft xlsx Excel file for download. The data fields include:

  • Cost report number
  • Provider number
  • Facility name
  • City
  • State
  • Period begin date
  • Period end date
  • Descriptive title of position
  • Medical director’s or administrator’s percentage of customary work week devoted to the business
  • Medical director and administrator compensation
  • Total facility administrative compensation paid to physicians
  • Total facility operating expenses
HCTadvisor licenses 12-month subscriptions to this data set with quarterly data updates.

Speed Demo: Renal Dialysis Medical Director Data