Form 990 Compensation Data

HCTadvisor’s Form 990 Compensation Data gives you access to salaries and benefit information for over 1 million reported employee arrangements and over 500,000 independent contractor arrangements. This data is sourced from Form 990 documents submitted to the IRS by tax-exempt organizations.

Within the data set, HCTadvisor has identified detailed salaries and benefits for >80,000 employed physician compensation arrangement data points with specialty-specific information.

This is the only compensation resource that releases the source data. You can drill down on title- and specialty-specific salary and benefit data for individual employees, employers, and cities.

The data set includes all electronic Form 990 data submissions received by the IRS since January of 2011.  HCTadvisor shares newly released Form 990 data with 12-month subscribers as it is released by the IRS.  

Date Update Published: June, 2022


Speed Demo: All Employee Compensation Data

Speed Demo: Physician Employee Compensation

Speed Demo: Independent Contractor Compensation

page-breakDownload Documents Include:

  • Excel data files (418 MB)
    • >1 million individual employee compensation arrangements
    • >80,000 individual physician employee compensation arrangement data points
      • Specialties explicitly identified in reported title, or matched to NPI record on full name and zip code using self-identified NPI specialties
      • Base salaries, non-taxable benefits, and bonuses identified
      • Employer organization name, total revenues, expenses, total employees, address,
      • Employee title & >95% employee names
      • Employment period, average weekly hours by employee
    • >500,000 independent contractor arrangements with services descriptions and total annual compensation
      • Hiring organizations’ total revenues and total expenses available for reference.
      • Top services descriptions include:
        • *management*
        • *consulting*
        • *medical*
        • *physician*
        • *anesthes*
        • *billing*
        • *hospitalist*
        • …and many more