Hospice Finance Data

HCTadvisor’s Hospice Finance Data subscription gives you access to thousands of income statements, balance sheets, and operations statistics for hospice agencies.

  • >12,000 Hospice Income Statements: Net revenues by major payor class, detailed expenses
  • >12,000 Hospice Balance Sheets: Cash, receivables, gross & net assets by type, short- & long-term debt
  • Hospice Operations Metrics: Visit counts by service type and major payor class, unique patient counts

Nearly all U.S. hospice data for 2015-2018 is available now, as well as 3,332 reports for 2019. HCTadvisor will release new hospice data to existing subscribers as it becomes available.

HCTadvisor licenses access to this data set on a 12-month subscription basis.

Current Update:

The current update has over 12,000 records. HCTadvisor will release new data to existing subscribers as it becomes available.

60 Second Speed Demo: Hospice Income Statements

2 Minute Speed Demo: Hospice Balance Sheets