Physician Cost Data: Federally Qualified Health Centers

The Physician Cost Data: Federally Qualified Health Clinic Subscription provides income statements, visit volumes, physician compensation, and expense details reported by thousands of federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), as well as detailed cost information for over one thousand rural health clinics.

HCTadvisor licenses access to this data set on a 12-month subscription basis.

The latest data release includes data for:

Form 224-14 (New FQHC Form)

  • Fiscal year 2018 data is available for 1050 FQHCs.
  • Fiscal year 2017 data is available for over 1,700 FQHCs.
  • Fiscal year 2016 data is available for over 1,700 FQHCs.

Form 222-92 (Old FQHC/Rural HC Form)

  • Fiscal year 2018 is available for 33 health clinics
  • Fiscal year 2017 is available for over 1,060 health clinics
  • Fiscal year 2016 is available for over 1,100 health clinics
  • Fiscal year 2015 is available for over 1,200 health clinics

3 Min Speed Demo: FQHC Income Statement Data

Supporting Documentation Included:

  • Form 224-14 (active)
    • Worksheets F1 & A – Income Statement & Detailed Line Item Data
    • S3 parts I-III
      • Visits by Major Payor Type
      • Contract Labor Costs by Position
      • Staff and Contract Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs) by Position
    • B part I – Visits by medical provider type and major payor type
  • Form 222-92 (old) Worksheet A & Worksheet B data