Physician Practice Pro Forma Model v1.7.3


This physician practice pro forma Excel (.xlsx) model is intended for use with start-up physician practices. Modifications may be necessary to use it for mergers and acquisitions.

The model is pre-populated with example inputs. Users must update the input fields with all of their own specific value inputs for wRVU production, collections, salaries, support staff, office rent, and other facility expenses.

HTA does not provide technical support.  You must be proficient in Excel to use this model, but subscribers can access 11 video tutorials for the physician practice pro forma at the bottom of this page when logged in.

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  1. Capital plan overview
  2. Capital plan: facility
  3. Capital plan: equipment, furniture & IT
  4. Capital plan: soft costs
  5. Volume & Medicare reimbursement
  6. Commercial reimbursement
  7. Self pay rates
  8. Facility expense
  9. Staff plan & expense
  10. Capital expenditures
  11. Sources of funds

HCTadvisor licenses access to the model and video tutorials for 12-month subscription periods.

This physician practice center pro forma model includes the schedules below.

Capital Plan Physician Data Input Volume, Revenue, Material Projections
Income Statement Projected Expenses Staff Plan
Capital Expenditures Cash Flow Statement Equipment Loans
Balance Sheet Working Capital Building Loans

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